our story

our story

Not to get too evangelical about it, but at Unwind, evenings are our favourite time of day…

Generally speaking, a lot of us spend our days being active, busy little bees, getting things done, rushing from one thing to the next. But the evening, if we let it, has this magically calming effect of slowing us down…

That’s because historically, way, way, way back, back when we were living in caves and mud huts, everything about evening time, all of the environmental cues; the darkening skies, the dropping temperatures, the twinkling stars and moon, told our bodies that it was time to stop, to slow down, to gather round the fire together and tell stories. To cosy up to that special someone. To collectively protect each other from roaming nighttime ne’er-do-wells. To look at the stars, to think, to dream, to sleep…

why we really love evenings

the night owl

But at Unwind, we think that in a hyper connected, highly digitised and artificial light filled world, we have become disconnected from that sense of natural evening ease. Our drive to be productive, to achieve and to succeed, is undoubtedly impressive, but ultimately, it’s exhausting…

Our idea for an evening snack bar came from Dee, a real life night owl who has spent a lifetime curious about the best natural ways to achieve that zen feeling of total rest and relaxation.

The answer? Pretty Straightforward really; a well balanced diet and lifestyle, and prioritising Time To Unwind every day.

what makes us special

We hand bake a selection of evening snacks bars, which we like to enjoy as a small evening snack. All of our bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, are produced without any artificial sweeteners, are made in Ireland, and contain natural nighttime friendly ingredients like;

chamomile flower

We tap into the stress and anxiety reduction superpowers of this flower which has been associated with enhanced sleepiness for centuries.

Montmorency cherry

Recent studies of this specific tart cherry have associated it with naturally increased levels of melatonin. Melatonin is often called, ‘the sleepy hormone’. We need melatonin, it is an essential part of our ability to manage the transition between day and night.


This naturally occurring amino acid is actually most commonly found in green tea, and is often associated with enhanced feelings of relaxation and focus.

take your time

Sitting down with a natural, wholesome and tasty Unwind bar, coupled with a nice cup of tea, is one of our favourite ways to relax in the evening. It provides a twenty minute decompression space, without any need for expensive equipment sourced from NASA.

And while we are happy for you to think of us as a spiritual evening guide, sagely suggesting the path to de-stressing and unwinding, maybe a small treat and a cup of something warm isn’t your favourite way to unwind, and that’s okay too.

So we have spent time working on various other things that we feel help you to Unwind in the evening – we call them our ‘Relax Hacks’. They include things like movement, meditation and stories.

get in touch

If you have any suggestions for future relax hacks, or in relation to anything else that we do, please let us know!

Our suggestion box is open, but only to nicely worded sentiments sent through on virtual hand-printed stationery.

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